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Value appreciation for our investors

To generate growing, risk-adjusted returns for our investors through effective, long-term investment, expansion and asset management.



As a public company, EPH fully complies with all regulations regarding information disclosure and follows best practice to provide timely and comprehensive financial reporting, detailed announcements about all significant transactions and internal processes. EPH is audited and advised by the world’s leading auditing companies and follows best legal practice in cooperation with top-law firms.

Stable growth

The Company highly values its reputation as a reliable and secure partner for its stakeholders, shareholders and tenants. All the investment decisions are scrupulously analysed in terms of risks and returns by EPH management, which ensures the generation of stable and growing income for the investors.

High quality properties

The premium quality of EPH’s commercial real estate portfolio reflected in the desirable locations, high profile of tenants, high quality of construction and architectural design as well as high sustainability standards, is the key to the successful and stable growth of the Company.