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Our ESG Strategy

To develop our ESG strategy, we formed an interdisciplinary team comprising corporate management, asset management, and external consultants. Our key elements addressed during the strategy definition process included:

  • Corporate, Environment, and Real Estate Portfolio Analysis
  • Material Topics Definition and Prioritization
  • Targets, Actions, and Roadmap

Our sustainability strategy is built on three key pillars: Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG). Each pillar represents a distinct focus area with long-term ambitions and specific targets:

1. Environment

Minimize greenhouse gas emissions: We aim to increase energy efficiency and prioritise the use of renewable energy in all our properties to reduce our carbon footprint.

Adapting to climate change: We are analysing the climate risks for each property, with the goal to implement measures which improve our resilience and adapt to the challenges posed by climate change.

2. Social

Tenant satisfaction and awareness: We will engage with our tenants to ensure their satisfaction and raise awareness of sustainable practices in our properties.

Employee wellbeing and equality: Our employees are essential to our success, and we will prioritise their health, safety, and equal treatment, promoting diversity and equal opportunities.

Comfortable building conditions: Our target is to create healthy and comfortable spaces for building users to enhance their overall wellbeing.

3. Governance

EU Taxonomy and climate risk assessment: We will conduct thorough assessments to evaluate our sustainability performance.

Green leases and certifications: EPH is approaching tenants with the aim to increase the level of sustainability regulations in its lease agreements as well as obtaining green building certifications for new acquisitions.

Transparent reporting: We will report on the progress of implementing annual re-evaluations of the corporate carbon footprint calculation, central data monitoring and the renewable energy potentials of our buildings.